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Dr. Daine  provides a unique, intimate, outpatient  addiction and dual diagnosis treatment approach designed to provide compassionate and highly confidential assistance to health care and other adults  Individuals dealing with problems that might result in their impairment during practice or business.

This outpatient program is designed to address the unique issues that arise for certain types of professionals, including:

  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Veterinarians
  • Psychologists
  • Other Professionals

The focus is not only on issues related to inappropriate use of alcohol or drugs, but also other self-defeating and addictive behaviors that are problematic for the professional.  

The program has three major goals:

  • Obviate the need for more intensive  inpatient or residential treatment
  • Provide comprehensive aftercare to help transition and continue recovery, facilitating the successful return to family, friends, and career.
  • Understand the underlying function and meaning of the addiction for the individual.

As a fever is often the sign of an underlying infection, addictions are often the surface symptoms of unresolved, underlying issues.  Recovery isn't just about stopping the addiction, its about understanding the addiction at a deeper level and healing one's wounds.  Effective outpatient treatment  is a thoughtful integration of behavioral health and psychotherapy that focuses on the addiction as well as helps resolve unaddressed problems.

Research and clinical data consistently show that effective treatment begins with a thorough assessment and  understanding of the unique psychological and behavioral patterns a patient presents.  The best treatment is always integrative, individualized, and holistic in nature.  

In cases where the professional has been asked by their licensing board or agencies to undertake treatment, we will convey to the licensing agency what recommendations have been made and will complete any documentation required by the agency. Dr. Daine can continue to follow ongoing recovery if required  by your licensing board.

Dr. Daine has 25+ years in dual diagnosis and addiction treatment.  He has designed, developed, and led inpatient and outpatient treatment programs throughout the country.  He help develop and direct a cutting-edge dual diagnosis day hospital program for cocaine addiction in Houston (COCAINE+) and understands the unique recovery issues of  facing professionals.