John C. Helzer, Photographer

As  highly experienced psychologist, I am able to offer a thoughtfully integrative approach   I know that truly impactful psychological care must be individualized and is not just about reducing symptoms, but provides the catalyst for self-growth and individuation.  My practice is dedicated to this personal approach.

My approach to psychotherapy is firmly rooted in research, psychodynamic theory, relationship and  systems.   I focus on helping people gain knowledge and skills for long-term personal growth, as an investment beyond an immediate need.   I help people to "thrive, not just survive."  

My approach  can help if you are grappling with anger, depression, relationship conflicts and impasses, chronic illness, sexual problems and conflicts, substance abuse, and trauma or abuse. My personal experiences also help me serve as a catalyst for clients. 

I bring to my practice the depth of understanding that over 20 years of scholarship, scientific inquiry, and experience provides.  These varied and rich experiences allow me to appreciate the uniqueness and complexity of each individual's journey..

Counseling is a relatively short-term approach to solving life phase  and relationship problems and is utilized by most mental health providers. This type of intervention includes building upon your existing skills and learning new skills to help you and your partner overcome personal and
 interpersonal problems. Counseling may
 be effective for addressing specific overt symptoms , but doesn't always address underlying and unresolved issue fueling the symptoms.

Evidence supported psychodynamics/analytical psychotherapy is a highly individualized and hopeful process designed to identify and change repetitive destructive beliefs and heal unresolved core issues that continue to impact your life.  It is not simply about symptom reduction, it is about finding the inner resouces you have available to change your life.

My approach to psychotherapy is practical, eclectic and primarily informed by depth /psychodynamic theories including Jungian psychology, existential psychology and object relations. Some patients come to me specifically for this orientation, but some come who are not familiar with these approaches, but profit deeply from it because of the theory's comprehensiveness and focus on deeper healing and transformation.  I usually see individuals at least one time per week, but do work with some in a more classic analytic process which includes multiple sessions per week.

Finally, research suggests that the relationship between the psychologist and patient is critical for a successful outcome. During our first meeting we will begin to explore your goals and desired outcomes in detail.  The first session also provides an opportunity  to determine if we will work well together.  Counseling and psychotherapy require a commitment of time, money and energy; so you should choose a psychologist carefully. I strongly believe you should be comfortable, encouraged and optimistic with the psychologist you choose.
  • Individual  
  • Counseling & Analytical Psychotherapy 
  • Mild-life Issues 
  • Dreams
  • Psychotherapy & Supervision for Therapists 
  •  Relationships & Sexuality
  •  Identity 
  •  Psychological Evaluations
  • Adult Learning Disorders 
  • Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Anger 
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Substance Use & Addictions 
Video & Other Electronic Sessions Offered
Over the years, research studies have shown the benefits of counseling and medications for short-term symptom reduction.  However, recent research have identified that these changes may be somewhat illusory and that deeper, psychodynamic and analytical approaches manifest longer lasting positive benefits.*  Understanding the root of your problem improves coping, decreases relapse, and improves functioning for years after therapy has ended.
*Shedler, J. (2010).  The efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy.  American Psychologist, 65, 98-109.